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Powerful Audio Branding & Marketing

Powerful Audio Branding & MarketingPowerful Audio Branding & MarketingPowerful Audio Branding & Marketing

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James Parriett, On Air Talent/Host

James is the founder of our team and  he is our lead strategist. We have your best interest in mind  and will be advising you on the most efficient ways to reach a wider audience. James began his career in public speaking early in life and he has  the background in classroom instruction, course instruction and curriculum development. As he stepped into the media field  5 years ago , he discovered a gap in marketing opportunity in the Audio marketing medium. At this time he noticed a niche market for tailored media services that will bring exposure to a lot more businesses , careers and untapped career development opportunity for more people.


Podcast: The Grind 

Our Podcast content  airs on Spreaker.com  weekly . We cover entertainment, business, news and sports. We pride ourselves for involving everyone at all levels of success and bringing you relevant information  right at your fingertips.

Host: James Parriett

Podcast: Music Game Changers (Airing soon!)

Music has influenced all of ours lives, but we cannot help but to wonder who is behind the music that has imprinted milestones in our memories? In this Podcast we take a look at the Game Changers that introduced a key element in their music that reformatted, disrupted and moved  the industry in a new  direction.

Host: James Parriett

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New show airs every Monday at 11am EST!

Podcast Link(s) for "The Grind" available here, or in the navigation bar above and below on this page.

Podcast "In The Mix" airs Saturday 8PM EST/5PMPST with premier DJ JIJISweet. Catch the weeks hottest mix here on PCG LLC Media.

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Spreaker, Google Podcast, Spotify, iheart, Deezer,Podchase, Blogtalkradio,Castbox and Soundcloud.

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We  believe that a business with a great media team can make an impact  on the world. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will  help you get your message to the world.